Smith County Middle School


Our Vision

    SCMS is committed to providing a safe, challenging environment in which students working with teachers, parents, and other stakeholders strive toward achieving success as life-long learners so that students will be prepared to face the challenges of the future.


SCMS received all A’s on our state report card in value added and achievement! Way to go students and teachers! This is a big accomplishment!  Keep up the hard work and dedication.

134 SCMS Lane

Carthage, TN 37030

Phone 615.735.8277

Fax 615.735.8255

About us

SCMS is located  in the rolling hills of Smith County, Tennessee.  Our school was established in 2002.  We are a small rural school that takes pride in ourself and community. Mr. Mike Lytle is our principal, and Mr. Dusty Whitaker is vice principal.

    Since our inception, our school has enriched itself with tradition.  Our faculty, staff, and students all work hard and are proud of their achievements and they will continue to work hard in the future to continue the tradition.  Everyone at our school believes in our mission statement:

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    5th ~ Student half day

    5th ~ Open House

    7th ~ No School



    1 ~ No School

    2 ~ 12 Aimsweb  testing

    18 ~ PT conference

    22 ~ PT conference


    15 ~ Report Card

    20-24 ~ Fall Break

“Strong Commitment Marks Success”

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